Steps to write a business report professionally

Steps to write a business report professionally

Did the institutions care about the reports?

The nature of work in institutions differs from other small or medium companies, the nature of the work of institutions, the size of the institution, and the financial liquidity of each of them imposes on it a way to communicate with workers more professionally than traditional methods, and with the large size of each institution the need for documentation and preparation of reports is More. The reports are not only intended to monitor the progress of work or daily conditions; But it may extend to complaints and proposals, and plans to develop the organization according to the experience of its employees, and their different specialties, and in the end the work report should contain the extent of success of the various departments in the organization in achieving the major strategy previously prepared by the administration.

Definition of the work report

It is possible to define a work report as a detail with specific information, and data based on realistic results, that data and information interspersed with a summary in the form of points, and specific recommendations based on the issued report, and institutions differ in the nature of their reports, some of which are presented orally, including what Reports are presented in it editorially, and the editorial form is the most professional way to present the report, because that format may be used in modern technological means to facilitate the presentation of data, and to display it more interestingly.
How to display a work report, write its content in a professional manner that will communicate the required content in an interesting way, and document the steps taken in one source for reference from time to time, and serve as a reference in the event that decision-makers make fateful decisions regarding the strategies of the institution.

Therefore, attention to reports was imperative for the easy access of information to the various departments, and for communicating the point of view of the employees of the institution to the higher leaders in it. Therefore, the old employees must better train the newcomers to write reports professionally to avoid misunderstanding or appreciation between departments, and to clarify the extent of the effort made to achieve goals And enterprise strategies.

How to write a business report
A work report may be largely documented; It is the culmination of the efforts of workers in the institution, and measuring the extent of their efficiency according to the productivity of each of them, and writing the work report professionally will reflect that desired thought, and if the efforts of the workers are not documented through the report, it will be a waste of long working hours. The objective of writing the professional report is achieved by being the link between the two parties. To communicate employee efforts to employers in the form of statistics and numbers.

5 steps to write a business report professionally
There are five steps that facilitate the task of writing a business report.

Determine the goals in advance before starting writing the report, and identify the parties concerned with it from employers or higher departments, as well as the nature of the content of information and statistics, and the way to add the content to achieve the desired goal of writing the report.
The general ideas contained in the report are reviewed, and the order of the main ideas must be taken into consideration and arranged in a sequence that will be easier to understand.
The content must be focused, not touch on ideas other than the main ideas, be coherent, and structured of ideas, and be supported by numbers and facts; To give more credibility to the report.
After arriving at the fundamentals of the report, a summary of the points included in the report, and the consistency between their ideas and taking into account the gradualities in them, are laid out. This is to help the reader reach the desired goals easily.
After completing the writing, the points must be checked and checked, in which case a third party can be used. It can be a proofreader, or a proofreader. Punctuation, gestures, and commas are essential for understanding the content of a report. Especially if the report was not subject to oral discussion.

The importance of accuracy in writing reports

Writing reports is one of the most editorial work that requires accuracy, because it is related to dealing with some of the concepts and foundations common in writing the report, and without these basics the report is not considered to be of real value. Writing reports should take into account fundamental matters such as paragraph splitting, numbering, highlighting the main objectives, and serving them professionally. Several professions have emerged in the recent period in the field of literary writing that deal with the task of writing reports only, as they were created as a service from companies working in the field of editing; Those companies submit proposals to the institutions to write the main reports of the institution after taking into account the details assigned to the report.

What are the elements of writing a report?
The elements of writing a report consist of two main parts. They:

Title page
This is the first page in the opening of the report, and the aim of writing this page is to clarify the basic information covered in the report, as well as the ease of referring to the main points in it. If the reader wants to check a point more accurately, next to the content, There are other key points in reporting; Including the name of the reporter, his position in the organization, the date of issue, and the section that produced the report. However, the matter differs in internal reports, as it may not contain all of this information because it is known to the recipient in advance.

What is meant by the headlines of the report, and the importance of the summary lies in two things. They:

Inform the reader if he or she needs to read the report, or it may not be the intended intended recipient.
That the basic information, as well as the results of the team, are conveyed in a concise format, providing time and effort to review the entire report.
The summary is written on the page for the title if it is short, and if the summary is long, the summary will occupy another separate page, and that page may be after the title page, or after the section on lists and tables.

Other elements of report writing
There are several other elements to write a report, including:

The introduction should be divided into three basic elements; The subject of the report, the purpose of the report, and the report’s limits. In the introduction, it is provided that they contain explanations in a simple manner without any details that the reader of the report may tire of.

Table of contents
Also known as the “index”, in which the number of pages for each part of the report is determined, and this facilitates the detailed reading of the report.

List of tables
It illustrates the graphs and tables that may be included in the report.

Body of the report
It means “the subject of the report”, and is divided into several chapters, and each chapter is explained in an illustrative manner. For ease of understanding.

Conclusions and recommendations
Conclusions are those information that are summarized in the form of points from the report, and it is a section that explains the specific questions for which the report was written.

These are the proposals that are developed in the form of points based on the content mentioned in the report.

Definition of the law
The origin of the word “law” dates back to the Greek word (Kanun), meaning its straight stick, and it was used to refer to integrity and order, and then it moved from Greek to Persian in the same word Canon in the sense of measuring the thing and its origin, then it was localized to take one of the two meanings, and in the terminology the meaning of the law It is: (a holistic matter that applies to all its particles, the provisions of which are known from it), and it says in the glossary of meanings that the law is: (the path and measure of everything).

The law is the foundations and rules that govern and regulate society, and it is a set of rules that determine the rights and duties of individuals. The law is the one that sets the appropriate penalty in the event that those rules and foundations are violated, and the penalty is applied by the government, so that the legal rules change continuously; According to the developments and changes taking place in society, the text of the law includes methods for amending laws that are not fair in democratic societies; This is because justice is one of the basic principles of the law, so that society cannot live successfully if its members are not subject to the laws that govern them, and do what they like without taking into consideration their duties and rights.

Write a complaint
Writing a complaint has a particular, specific approach. So that it must affect the person required, and it must also be communicated in a correct and effective way in a brief way so that it is not misunderstood, and if the person is not familiar with the writing style, it is better to ask another person with experience and knowledge of the subject to write the complaint about him.

Steps to write a complaint record
Initially, the date on which the complaint was submitted must be written and placed at the top of the page from the right side of the complaint.
Then the name of the official to whom the complaint will be addressed is mentioned, taking into account the writing of his surname, and it should be placed at the bottom of the date.

Then, you must write a good greeting, and then that is under the subject of the complaint from the right side.

The person then moves on to write the subject of the complaint, and the subject is written in the middle of the page and below the name of the complainant, and the subject of the complaint is written clearly and without ambiguity, and it must be taken into account that they are on one line, and the person must be concerned with the subject and form of the complaint, because it is the first thing The complainant reads it, and if it is not accurate and clear, it will lead to not looking at it and caring about it.

The details of the complaint must be written, and they should be brief, useful and summary of the subject to be conveyed to the concerned authorities.

Then write the conclusion of the complaint, which includes the complainant’s hope that the problem will be solved as quickly as possible, taking care of it and not ignoring it.

The sender’s name, address and phone number are written, and this information is written at the bottom of the page and from the left of the complaint.

The complaint must be included with attachments related to the subject of the complaint, and it is listed at the bottom of the page from the right side of the complaint submitted.

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