Self-development and self-development

Self-development and self-development

Self-development and self-development are two modern terms that mean the meanings overlap, and the definitions that are related to them intersect and individuals confuse them. They also unite in the goal and converge to the end. Both of them aspire to a better future and more suitable possibilities for the job market or the current society. Happiness and luxury.

Self-development and self-development of the individual
The two terms are defined as being the individual personal effort that the individual person makes, in an integrated manner for all capabilities and skills and to make the required improvements in a way that ensures their keeping pace with all modern development and the situation described in the attached and the modern, as well as work on developing mental capabilities, and sorting the personal points of the person, including improving self-confidence Feelings and human reactions towards life situations, and ways to control them in a way that achieves personal gains, and what are positive behaviors in facing life challenges, and the more this development increases the individual’s position in the societal environment for him, but most of those who undertake this process develop the beginning with them by developing self-confidence .

Self-development and self-development methods
Development work through self-development and self-development reduces the gaps between the information and academic education systems that the individual receives, as well as the skills to be acquired and which he needs in practice in the practical life of continuous reading of education on everything that is new and new within the required educational changes that develop those skills , Or capabilities, with an emphasis on their appropriateness of these recent and ongoing developments, in response to the practical need of this community

Work on acquiring new ways to deal with any psychological pressure, process, or even the ability to confront problems within life or ways to deal with society and its members, and work to bring about change inside and outside with all personal capabilities and all personal feelings of being as an active and positive member positively

Learn new experiences, ideas and philosophies that are beneficial to the individual and spend time in what is useful, or even ways to obtain entertainment or self-entertainment, in a way that positively affects the social or family life, which affects even the daily life of them better.

Tips for self-development and self-development

  • We must follow the method of change for a period of three consecutive months, in which a person completely abandons all old habits and skills for him, and gives up what is lost in time that does not benefit

Standing in the same place does not make progress forward, but movement and exertion is what achieves success.

Success does not come to a sleeper. Rather, it comes to those who search for it and does not take place with magic. Rather, it brings an important understanding of the process of development or self-development. Also, the basic value in life is not what a person gets, but rather the basic value in life is what it will be.

  • The real beginning for the future is to dream about it, define plans for its implementation, and chart the way to get it.

How to achieve self-development and self-development
Self-discipline must be achieved, because it is the bridge that connects between setting a personal goal and working to achieve this goal.

The problems facing you are not the end of the road, but rather the first step to success, through those correct scientific thinking and the right approach in managing them.

  • Good planning and setting of priorities is most important to the important and good time management, so as to achieve a psychological balance between work and personal life
  • Affecting others positively and effectively works to improve your social position, and it is that which achieves the true inner happiness of the individual by providing assistance to others.

Self-development at work

Self-development at work, self-development and personal professional development is one of the important elements that helps to get away from negative thoughts that may cause the inability to make serious decisions in life and self-improvement, and therefore every person must sit with himself and review it by placing a group From personal standards

Here are some of the most important steps that help self-development in the workplace:

Organizing and setting priorities:

Priorities can be organized and determined within a daily schedule, by identifying three or four projects that need to be completed in a specific period. This step is one of the best steps for self-development.

2- Failure to perform multiple skills at one time at the same time

Doing a set of tasks at the same time, such as answering the phone, browsing e-mail or the Internet, leads to distraction and the inability to accomplish tasks with perfection because it causes mental and nervous pressure and the inability to solve problems.

3- Avoid getting distracted by yourself

The human brain works best when you think about completing one task, so one task must be completed and then another task started.

4- How to deal with those who interrupt you

Anyone can experience during his work the boycott of one of his colleagues, family members or superiors during the performance of the work, and this can be avoided by postponing this to close appointments, listening to them and writing down all their observations if they are related to the work, and it can also determine what was reached at work then Completion after the end of the speech of others.

Self-development at work

5- Any work that has been started must be completed

There are a large number of people who may start a business and then cannot complete or finish it, and stop in the middle of the road and back down or postpone, but the person must finish the work that he has started and not make his life a series of delayed projects.

6- Dividing large tasks into small parts

Sometimes a person may feel that the work that he started is difficult and huge and he cannot complete it alone, but if this project is divided into smaller projects and he has a specific time plan, he will be able to finish what he has started and the work will be easy.

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