Outstanding performance

Outstanding performance

Human resource management and outstanding performance, since ancient times and before the development in the field of great industry and business development in the way we live now, it was the employer who directly ran its employees. But with the development of technology, the growth of companies and institutions, the increase in the size of workers, and with the high level of education and culture among the working class, it requires the emergence of specialists in human resources management in institutions, in order to deal with the problems resulting from the relationship between workers and the management of the institution. With the increase in government interference in the relationship between business owners and workers through the issuance of laws that manage that relationship, the importance of having a specialized human resources department in each institution increased in order for the institution to adhere to those laws, as it became more important with the diversity of work environments, which made the institutions think about how to create an environment Suitable work for employees and their presence in the institutions.

Now the size, functions, and importance of human resources departments vary with the different institutions and companies, their sizes, the diversity of their business, and the way they are managed, the more the organization needs more employees to manage human resources, due to the diversity and difference of the important functions assigned to it in the modern concept of human resource management. In small establishments with less than fifty employees, one or two individuals can do these jobs, but with the increase in the number of employees and branches of the institution and the diversity of its activities and the development of technology has led to an increase in the human resources management team in order to carry out the strategic functions of managing human resources properly, which It makes them more able to influence the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Human resource management and outstanding performance
The basic functions of human resources management differ from one institution to another as the administrative arrangement differs, but there are jobs of irreplaceable importance for them within each institution, including:

1) Analyze work by identifying the activities and tasks that make up each job, designing jobs, and determining the specifications of employees

2) Draw a work plan for the workforce by identifying the organization’s needs for types and numbers of workers,

3) Selection and appointment by searching for workers in the labor market and filtering them through job applications, and selecting the appropriate people for each job,

4) Design a wage scheme by determining the value and importance of each job and setting wages for jobs. There are some other jobs that are concerned with large institutions that affect achieving the goals of the institution and creating an appropriate work environment, including evaluating performance through methods for evaluating the employees of the institution in order to identify the general efficiency and development aspects of performance, designing incentive systems by granting incentives for outstanding performance and also encouraging employees I have to work collectively or individually, design a plan for benefits for workers and some institutions take care of them by giving their employees benefits such as health insurance, and some institutions offer benefits related to social, sports and housing life. Some institutions are also interested in training in order to raise the efficiency of employees and their skills and direct them to the needs of the institution, and some are also interested in planning the career path, internal communication, security and safety of their employees in the workplace, talent and competency management, and planning succession.

The virtue of the emergence of human resources management
Carrying out these functions through better human resource management affects the performance of the organization and this is reflected in several aspects, including increasing productivity and performance by selecting the appropriate staff with the skills, capabilities and conditions required for each job in an appropriate manner and reducing the unnecessary cost of additional work by increasing productivity During working hours, excluding lost times for employees through good organization of work, reducing the cost of staff turnover by practicing appropriate practical relationships and creating an atmosphere that helps to increase cooperation and job satisfaction,

improving the level and efficiency of employees in the organization through their development and training them properly through training programs They are commensurate with the needs and goals of the organization, which helps the organization to be able to keep pace with the technological development in its field of work, the ability to find weaknesses in the performance of employees by constantly evaluating their performance. The impact of human resources management is also reflected through cooperation and job satisfaction of employees through attention to occupational health and safety programs in the work environment. All these and other aspects lead directly to increased production and the ability to achieve the strategic goals of the institution.

Change your life for the better

Tips to change your life for the best effective

  • If the life of an individual turns into a state of misery and misery, he is fully responsible for that and no one else, and he must completely stop blaming others, for success or failure is a decision that a person makes and facilitates according to what he accomplishes.
  • A person must be flexible in accepting reality with all its novelties, and he has enough flexibility in understanding it and trying to develop it for himself with the real organization of time, and defining the time plan to allocate the goal he wants even if it is changing your life for the better.
  • Exercising sends spirit, vitality, renewal, vigor and exclusion from lethargy and laziness from the body. You should avoid sitting for long periods in front of the TV because it is an anesthetic for muscles and bones. Rather, seek better health as the first pillar in your best life.
  • Away from the negative person who breathes negative emotions, negative and pessimistic thinking pulls you back, and accompanies the positive person who rises you forward, strengthens your energy and strengthens your determination to succeed.

Self-motivation is not insignificant. Achieving your life for the better needs a force that motivates you to succeed in order to reach it.

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