Good friends are closer to you

Good friends are closer to you

75% is the percentage of the influence of friends on children in school, and therefore we must pay attention to this matter, and do not leave our children without supervision or follow-up, and we make sure of the good behavior of the friends around them, without making them feel annoyed and annoyed.

Positive effects for friends
Good friends are closer to their religion, and they encourage their friends to adhere to religious obligations and implement religious obligations, and not to leave them.
When a person befriends outstanding friends, he will be superior to them and simulate them in study and study, and among them will be honest competition in success and excellence.
Good friends naturally influence their colleagues, so they are a good example of their simulation and creation, and therefore they do the same because they are always with them and are used to the same behavior.
A good friend encourages his friend to honor his parents, and makes them more than interested in them, so his friends hear him speak to them in a refined manner.
A good friend encourages his friend to do a positive activity, such as exercising, as well as eating healthy healthy meals because he is used to it through his family.

The negative effects of friends
When there is a bad friend, he encourages his friend to leave studying and not to study, and not to go to school.

A bad friend can encourage his friend to smoke, and take some types of drugs, as he is able to convince him that it is a good thing and deserves to be tried, or it is enough that his friend sees him to emulate him.

A friend learns from a bad friend, bad morals, and wrong behaviors. He deals with anyone in an inappropriate manner, and it comes to treating bad parents.
A bad friend is an academic failure, and therefore whoever befriends him will inevitably be like him, and he does not care about his grades in exams or be superior.

The owner of the bad cause the loss of the time of its owner, takes him on various picnics or talks with him a lot over the Internet, or shares electronic games so much that he neglects his study.

Since the beginning of 2020 and the main concern of all people is Corona Virus Covd 19, but how do professors talk about Corona virus for their students? This must be considered an important issue at this time, as students in all educational levels need to know this virus and how it can change the shape of the world later, and every recipient of science wants the person who is teaching it and trusts him greatly to give it Some of his opinions and ideas about the events taking place around us, so the task of all staff and professors at different educational levels will be important and difficult at the same time.

The importance of the role of both professors and teachers is due to the fact that they are able to spread awareness related to resistance to the spread of the virus among their students, and it is also important that teachers try to communicate with their students despite all the situations as this communication will help students get support and psychological comfort through teachers And professors .. Below we will learn together a set of important advice for each of the teachers and professors in the various educational stages, these tips include a set of topics that they can present to their students during this period, which would help them to obtain a better psychological and educational condition Much

Important tips for teachers and professors in the kindergarten stages
This is a very important stage and children should be handled with great care so the teacher can send positive messages to them, so here are some very important tips:

It is important for teachers to try to teach children a set of important health and behavioral guidelines, such as caring for personal hygiene, covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, to avoid infection or contact with infected people.
Teachers should communicate with children and encourage them to take care of personal hygiene, especially washing hands with soap and water for a period of not less than twenty seconds to encourage them to take all steps that would work to protect them from infection.
Teachers should avoid sending any of the words or signs that work in fear or terror from disease in the hearts of students, but rather it is important to work on sending reassuring words that tell them that they are able to overcome this situation through prevention and adherence to instructions.
It is possible through social media between teachers and students to try to send them beloved songs that help them to adhere to personal hygiene or encourage them to perform their favorite exercises and dances.
One of the most important awareness messages that can help teachers inform students about the nature of the disease is the use of brides and dolls as they are considered a very important interactive medium, and children can see them through social media screens, and these dolls can talk about prevention and about how
Dealing in the event of any symptoms of the disease such as coughing or fever, and how we show sympathy in front of sick people without exposing ourselves to the risk of infection.
Teachers should send messages that help students avoid contact and crowding and adhere to social isolation in order to reduce the speed of infection.
Important tips for teachers and professors at the primary level
The primary stage is one of the most important stages because the children’s questions will increase and they will try to get acquainted with all the developments that occurred in their lives during this period, so there are a set of important ways that will help teachers and teachers deal with students at this stage wisely:

At this stage, the children will have many complaints, so it is important to listen to them well, interact with them seriously, and try to give the children answers to all the questions that are on their mind in a way that suits their simple ages.

It is important for students to have simple, easy, and not condensed information at the same time. They should not be overwhelmed by many details related to the spread of the disease and its transformation into a pandemic around the world.

It is important that the teacher works at this stage to encourage students to express the feelings that are at their minds at this time freely and without fear or restrictions.
At this point, it is important that teachers try to engage in dialogue with students and know all the things that are going on in their mind and deal with their natural feelings that will be in a state of instability with a lot of understanding and kindness.

It is important for teachers to help children understand disease prevention measures such as adherence to social spacing and keeping the idea of ​​safe distances.
It is important that teachers give their children a lot of time to teach them the need to adhere to proper health rules that will reduce transmission, such as washing hands, using wipes, and using antiseptics and alcohol to disinfect all the tools they use.

Educators can prepare some activities through social media such as encouraging students to read a set of texts related to wrong behaviors towards illness and encouraging them to make suggestions to correct these behaviors.

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