Amazing information about Cats

Amazing information about Cats

the cats
Cats are cute animals that are loved and loved by humans, there are those who love to raise them and there are those who do not like to raise them but he sees in them nice creatures in their vision and in proximity to them, and for the sake of these and those we offer some important information in this article, what do you think to know together during the following lines ?

10 important information about cats
Cats are a species of mammals and differ in their forms, types and sizes a lot and are found in all countries of the world without exception, but this information is of course not the only information, but there is other information which is:

The punishment for someone who harms the cat … death
Don’t you think this is a joke? It is a terrible ruling from the judiciary in the Pharaonic civilization, and the text of the ruling was that whoever kills a cat or even harms it, the punishment reaches the execution of whoever does it, because the cat is sacred to the Pharaohs and they worship it because it is a symbol of the goddess Bast.

Cats … different types around the world
Cats are not of one type, we may say that they are from the mammalian family, but they differ in the types, including the Russian, Siamese, rural, Apis, Shirazi, Abyssinian, Hibiscus, Himalayan, and many other cats.

The cat has an unusual ear
We do not hear all things, but a cat may be hearing what we humans have not heard thanks to 32 strong muscles in its outer ear.

The cat has three eyelids in its eyes
One of the surprising information for cats is that they have three eyelids, not two eyelids, which distinguishes their eyes from the eyes of other creatures.

An adult cat does not feed milk or its derivatives
Unusually and common, adult cats should not drink milk or eat any of its derivatives because their stomachs are unable to digest lactose.

There are species of cats with long lifespan
Some types of cats can reach about 35 years, which is a large rate compared to other creatures, because they are among the species in some species that live long in the case of intensive care for them.

If you are a Chinese, enjoy eating cats
The Chinese eat cats because they are excellent and delicious meat for them, but they cook them with different forms and types of food.

Cats … are they Spider-Man?
Cats have a high ability to jump and climb, as they have a flexible body that is not found in most organisms.

Cats do not like citrus
Cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits such as mandarin, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits.

Super smart cats
For other organisms or other animals, the cat possesses supernatural intelligence. It understands sadness and furnace, even from the tone of the human voice.

An adult cat of 30 years old.
Cats can’t taste anything sweet.
A group of little kittens is called red. A group of adult cats is called clowder.
The cat’s sense of smell is almost 14 times that of a human being.
A female cat carries a kitten for 58 to 65 days before it is born.
The cats shook hands with the other cats by touching their noses together.
Cats sweat through their paws only unlike humans.
A cat can jump nearly seven times their height.
Feline whiskers help them discover things and navigate in the dark.
Cats have sanding-like tongues that they use to clean themselves.
Cats eat mice to get tapeworm.
In China, cat meat is one of the tastiest types of meat that is served at tables.
Cats can not be seen in the dark.
Cats contain only 5 fingers.
Cats make over 100 different sounds.
Cats clean themselves by licking their fur, and in this way get vitamin C.
The normal range of a cat’s heartbeat is about a hundred and ninety five beats per minute, and it breathes twenty to forty times per minute.

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Hope of a cat in the world
The cat called “COBY” has been chosen the most beautiful cat in the world because of its beauty and leafiness among all the kittens, where the “COBY” cat is distinguished by its blue eyes and its fur, which is a delicate white color with a silky texture and is also distinguished by its color Her pink striped nose

Shirazi cats
The Shirazi cats are characterized by beauty and lightness and often attract attention due to their having soft hair with a beautiful and long appearance as well as their eyes are sky blue or dark color and it is worth noting that the Shirazi cats do not hear mostly but are characterized by intense vision in addition to being very smart and also has a special mood As it is possible to play, grief and joy, and there are many types of it

Shirazi cats are pet and required and a large number of people raise them, but many of them do not know how to deal with these cats correctly and we will talk in this article about Shirazi cats and their types and some advice that you must follow if you want to raise these cats with you at home

Types of Shirazi cats
Himalayan cats have been given this name due to their distinctive snowy hair and they also have an eye with a deep blue color
Shirazi cats and the lunar face, the type in which there are several advantages: they have a small nose and a little raised to the top, possesses hair with a high density, there is a wide area between the ears, possesses a round and wide eye, possesses a short leg where it is possible to touch its stomach Earth
Half-pie cats are a type that is produced when married to both the lunar face and the picky face
Peaky cats face, a type similar to Shirazi, that differs only in the fact that the nose is snub and that it is more expensive compared to the price of the lunar face
How to care for Shirazi cats
Obtaining vaccination, as it is necessary to refer to the veterinarian periodically to obtain the vaccination that protects the cat from diseases and infection as well.

Attention to cat food times

Since cats often like to play, you should devote time to them playing with them
Not to harm or provoke Shirazi cats so that they do not get angry and are aggressive, as you may find that many children touch and pull them from places where they become angry
Cats are highly intelligent animals, so you can make a place to sleep and will learn to do so

Careful attention to the cleanliness of cats, bearing in mind that the Shirazi cats do not like to be exposed to water, but caring for their cleanliness is necessary so that they can protect them from fleas and also the germs that may reach them if you do not clean them well. Accordingly, you should make one day a week for bathing the cat with the use of Soap and be careful not to expose her ears to water

Pregnancy in cats
Some people may ask about the possibility of knowing the symptoms of pregnancy in cats? The answer is that this possibility exists, because cats are like many other mammals and go through the same stages of life, but before we address the most important symptoms of pregnancy in cats let us first know a set of important points about cats and their lives.

Multiple information about cats
Cats are considered domestic animals that can be raised in the home. They are among the most profound animals that can form deep friendships between them and humans. In ancient Egyptian civilization, cats were sanctified to the point of worship. Many cat statues were found in ancient Egyptian cemeteries, and it was a punishment Afflicting cats up to the death penalty, and in the true Islamic religion I mentioned some stories that indicate the interest of the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, about cats and his love for them .. We can show you some important details about cats as follows: –

Cats belong to the family of mammals and have been around since ancient times.
There are different types of cats and their sizes and shapes vary, and there is a kind of wild cat that lives in the desert and prairies.

The cat’s ear consists of 32 muscles, and the task of these muscles is to move in all directions, and it helps the cat to balance and distinguish the smallest sounds. The cat can clean it by licking its fur with its tongue, thereby getting rid of many germs and bacteria, and it is noticeable that the cat’s tongue is too rough to perform this task.
The cat has more than 100 vocal notes.
The appropriate time to carry a cat is seven months, but it is possible to carry a cat at the age of four months, but this pregnancy is dangerous to it, and the period of pregnancy for the cat lasts to about three months.
The most important symptoms of pregnancy in cats
It is possible to notice a different set of symptoms related to a cat’s pregnancy, the most important of which are: –

The cat’s desire to sleep begins to increase more than usual.
A group of changes that occur to the cat’s breasts begin to become redder, and the size of the breast increases to prepare for breastfeeding. The cat develops a state of vomiting.
The cat eats more food, because its body needs more nutrition.
The cat begins to win over its owners and always tries to get a greater dose of pampering.
The cat begins to search for a suitable place to give birth, and this research is called the nesting process.
The development of the fetus in the cat’s abdomen begins after twenty-two days of pregnancy, and it can be seen through the ultrasound device in veterinary clinics.

Symptoms that occur before the cat is born
Not wanting to eat.
Fatigue and fatigue.
Three days before birth, the cat’s breasts will begin to release milk.

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