About Us

APP MINE provides its users with a single and comfortable place to follow the latest sports news from all local and international sources with smart technology covering all types of mathematics.

How does APP MINE work?

Sport.com works with a very smart and advanced technology that collects news from all local and international sources for all sports.

How is the news arranged on the site?

The news is arranged on the site without human intervention, using smart technology that arranges the news according to a set of factors such as the timing of publication and the content of the news, the most important of which are the number of views on the news, the more views on a news, the more likely it is to appear more than any news, and this depends largely on Quality content.

How can I follow the news of my favorite club?

We have assigned a special section for each team and included it in the “Championships and Clubs” icon that appears at the top of the main page as shown in the picture. Sections are constantly updated.
How can I find out about other sources for the same news?
You can click on the Resources icon as shown in the image to appear on a special page.\

How are the sources on the site chosen?

We choose the sources that we believe offer good content that interests the user. If you want to suggest a new source, you can contact us via e-mail: info (at) APP MINE

How do I add my source to have his news appear on the site?

The sport.com content team assesses the quality of the content using a combination of factors. To add your source, you can register your site data through the relevant form at the following link: http://goo.gl/ajnhRM
Why is there an inappropriate advertisement on the website pages?
This problem sometimes appears because the site does not have a marketing team, and therefore we sell advertising space to global marketing companies that deal with thousands of sites and hundreds of advertisers. And through a program that places an advertisement from a specific advertiser on the pages of a specific site. Hence, we do not choose ads. But you can block a specific advertisement. If there is an inappropriate advertisement, please contact us through info (at) APP MINE and write the title: “inappropriate advertisement” and we will prevent it from appearing. We apologize to the visitors for any inappropriate advertisement.

How can I communicate with you?

You can send your suggestions or inquiries about anything related to the site and our services, or report false news or inappropriate content through the “Contact Us” page.